w is w & r is r

December 26, 2013

12:17am, 26th day of december, 2013. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Better late than never. 🙂
I think im hungry but im too lazy to get up and make me some food. I was already asleep before Christmas day officially ended but now i am wide awake. I want to travel. I want to go somewhere though i dont know where. I want to ride on a bus to anywhere. I remember, two days after Christmas last year, i had an unplanned 5 or 6-hour trip with my best friend to an unfamiliar place to both of us. (i’ll insert the link when im not in mobile anymore) It was fun. We enjoyed the adventure. I want to do something like that again.
[phone call]
Exaggerated, huh? Hmpt! Now i cant erase this smile on my face; unsure if my mind became more active or not. We’ll see. What i am sure of? 1. He is irresistibly crazy. 2. I still want to make a random trip.
1:18am. Again, Happy Christmas everyone! may you remember and feel the true spirit of it (:


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