looking Forward to saturday

March 6, 2014

Once in your life, or twice, thrice, there will surely come a time when you will realize certain things. And these realizations don’t just come from ordinary circumstances. Sometimes, you have to face difficult moments to…

It feels good when today is so much better than yesterday. You breathe fresher air and you taste yummier food. 

Yesterday was hard. After a long time, I was reminded of pain. After a long time, my eyes were washed with unwanted liquid once again. Yes, I was hurt. Just the thought of being ignored, which can prolong until a week or even longer, because of a simple mistake(?) hurts. I felt so small though I really am. I am that easy to disregard. Thank you for that trivia. Really? 

I understand. I will take the lower step if needed and normally my lungs cannot stand that kind of situation. Yes, nobody wants that to happen. Yet it happened. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Realizations: There are things that increase their worth as time goes by and there are things that you will never want to lose whatever it takes.


im no more good in this thing.


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