cannot think of a gooD title

April 8, 2014

thirty minutes ago, you could find me sniffing, watching the film 12 years a slave end. i couldnt help not to shed a tear as solomon gains back  his freedom.. freedom that he long waited for twelve painful years, the freedom that was so elusive to the blacks in those dark years, freedom that, in the first place, ought not to be gotten from any human being. i couldnt imagine myself living in those ages when slavery is just like children playing for candies and toys, not caring to the outside world as long as they gain more prizes.

well, im thankful i dont have to prove my worth for freedom. im just afraid if my mum learns that i am still awake at this time, sitting in front of this laptop on my bedroom floor. (im tired sitting on the chair, i dont want to lay on my bed, so im here on the floor) im not sure what to tell her if she opens my door and asks what im still doing. i think no reason will suffice in that kind of situation. now im asking myself, why dont you just lock the knob? ha ha.

yesterday, technically it was two days ago, again i proved the saying “things happen when you least expect them to happen.” i was not expecting to see him that day but i did. i was so happy i tell you. we havent seen each other for a week straight (though it felt like months) and i was expecting to see him two days from now, technically tomorrow. yay! do you know that feeling? getting the unexpected. it is like winning a game without you playing. no sweat! how thoughtful of him. we spent the whole afternoon together. i was like a child given a reward even not finishing the food on my plate. it was a simple but a lovely time together. i learned to eat mangosteen. i liked it. 🙂

it never changes, life is happier when im with you. no wonder i gained  almost 10 lbs when i started going out with you. hahaha!  enough of using the second person pronoun.

now im lost for words. or did my brain just dictate my mind and body that i am already sleepy? if that is the case, then see you again soon!  i know this entry seems unfinished, even i see it undone. sorry for the mess. but, let us spread happiness. a happy world is a much happier universe. get it? :v

hot couples stay together forever. don't argue, this is my blog. create your own.

hot couples stay together forever. don’t argue, this is my blog. create your own.


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