[today] yesterday i got that sticker attached on my unstamped passport

May 10, 2014


first, i now look at lawyers on a different scale; male attorneys, i must say. they are really good in deciphering whether somebody’s telling the truth or not. i think they have an edge on that over normal men. when i say normal men, normal men. (sorry im not in the mood to briefly explain.) im not sure on that assumption though. perhaps, let me recall, if this is the first time  that a guy guaranteed me that i am lying; if this is the first time that somebody from the male species, even if we were just exchanging messages on cyberspace, confidently told me on.my.face that i am not good in hiding my baggage. halt! what a heavy accusation you got there, attorney. but i plead guilty.

what more if we were face-to-face? maybe just by looking at me, the judge would abruptly announce the case closed. as my convincing friend said, i cannot be on the witness stand because i am too transparent (as opposed to how i see myself). he said it will be very easy for the opponent to tell that i am hiding something. really? well,he is the lawyer. i’ll leave it to him.

on  the contrary, we mainly talked about his “juvenile” love story, not about my being transparent whatsoever. i am happy for this man, saying that he has found his match. we can interchange match with destiny on this matter. im one with you in prayers, my friend. 😉

second, im uncertain what to feel. my mind is a mess. i’m not sure if i want to fast forward the days or make the earth spin slower. im not even sure if i want to accommodate the thoughts that are involuntary consuming my mind. one thing i am sure of, im scared. still, i hope.

third, today i have overcome my fly playlist. i realized that it is not in the song; it is in the number of volume bars.

may the fourth be with you.


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