if you’re not patient enough, don’t dare read along (late post)

June 9, 2014

im cleaning my desktop, before classes start a week from now, and i found this on a word file dated three months ago. i totally forgot about this and i found no harm in posting it. i didnt edit anything to preserve the the thoughts and emotion. maybe i didnt have internet connection when i wrote this but i strongly had the drive in putting it into words. i know i know, i owe you a lot. still havent written about my lovely mountain adventures. perhaps, i need to go back to the mountains and there i’ll let the hush of wind move my fingers and carry my mind to tell the stories.

[16 march ’14]

warning: take the title seriously. this might get you impatient for the lack of unity and continuity of thoughts.

yes, I might be watching mushy films too much (oh no, not too mushy), but I admit I really tend to get emotional, or is it sentimental (?) at times, especially after watching such. or is it just me, and the movies don’t have something to do with that? nah. but as far as my not-too-reliable memory is concerned, im kind of like this even before I learned and started watching those movies that men don’t like.

have you ever been in a misunderstanding with a person who you like to always understand you? well, is that a silly question? I suppose everybody must have experienced that. and after a series of exchange of reasoning and explaining, all you want is to stop the hassle, hug the person and tell him that whatever happens, you love him even more. yes you do. of course, you want that person to feel the same way. (so cheesy, isn’t it?) just like in a romantic movie. see, you just had a sneak peek of how my story would run if ever I write my own film (but you can also expect a not-so-happy ending because i am also a masochist just as I am a sentimental soul).

books, I miss reading books. I miss being lost in different worlds and ages and paradigms and spaces. I have couples of titles (or authors) on my head; I hope I can grab some this summer (oh summer, I need a summer job).

I don’t watch mushy films, but call them feel-good movies, to apply and expect what I watch in the real world. why would i? they are just movies and im living in reality. I watch them because I enjoy doing so, just like those who love watching action films, horror, fantasy, sci fi (I like that genre, too). those movies make me feel good, either when im sad and I want to uplift my soul (or indulge in melancholy and heartbreak sometimes) or when im happy and I want to be happier. doesn’t it sound right, right?

i’ll love you for a thousand more


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