hoping that after this will be all worth-reading posts

July 26, 2014

saturday evening rain is falling and i am badly craving for a chocolate cake.

how hard it is to resist temptation. i can still fight it tonight but nobody knows what tomorrow could bring. with prescribed medicines, the doctor told me to avoid fatty, oily, and dairy food until my stubborn stomach, or is it my other internal organs, go back to normal life. great! i have been in the same battle 3 or 4 years ago but i do not remember how i managed to follow the doctor’s prescription (though this one is different from my sickness before).

i should be doing some work now but i am doing nothing. listening to music, thinking of the future, hopelessly waiting for my phone to finish charging and for it to receive a message from you know who. i also searched about some medical facts and i tried to watch an old film which i stopped after 20 minutes.


distracted. to be continued in my dreams.


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