where does your self-pity take you?

October 6, 2014

and where do you think your jealousy takes you?

in a dark place where you cannot freely breathe and where your vision becomes blurred. see how your flawed thoughts and misleading imagination make you. sudden ideas may enter your mind, but it is up to you if you will entertain them. once entertained, it might be hard for you to detach from the thoughts. you will start acting as a litigator siding on the negative malicious ideas without substantial evidence. with that, what are your chances? you might feel that you are feeling the right sentiment, but in fact it is just a spur of the moment.

self-pity and jealousy may be a result of a thought that you are afraid to face; perhaps, something that gives you anxiety or that you are dreading to happen in the future. you feel sorry for yourself and worse, think that you are alone, because they seem happy and yet there you are being “ignored” and “unappreciated.” you rapidly get jealous because your playful mind tells you “what if” and “what more” scenarios. again, do not entertain the thoughts. do not live on an unpleasant future. moreover, how can you live on a time that havent existed? it is just like keeping up with yesterday.

instead of those pessimistic emotions, think of happy thoughts. also, consider having a biscuit or a phone call. you might be forgetting the simple things that can bring you back to sanity.


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