tell me im not the only one

February 8, 2015

im trying to fight it, but it feels like pushing myself to eat something i dont really want. yes, i know. there is no doubt of the love and everything that goes with it. thank you for assuring me. it’s just that i cant help not to feel this way whenever… i dont want to be rude and selfish to ask for something that would only benefit me, and that is not my way. so i guess i just have to deal with it for the longest time. i have nothing against anybody. maybe this is life’s way to make me feel, what, human? i just want to release this before i get up to bed and start my day. yes, it is one of the thoughts in my mind early in the morning. great, eh! i hope it will stop and be digested as soon as i drink my first glass of water. im not sure how this one sounds. can someone pop this bubble of i dont even know what to call it. yes, i have this side of me. can you still handle it? seriously, but im serious starting from the first word of this thing, this feeling leaves a pinch in my heart. i dont like it because it makes me weak. worse? i dont know how or who could to stop it. anybody, tell me this is natural and im not the only one who feels the same way.


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