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be my ediTor

March 24, 2015

Mark Twain said:

“Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very;’ your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.”

Since my last entry, this is my nth attempt to update this place. Why is it damn hard to write these past few days?

Countless attempts and a bunch of drafts in the draft folder. Wanna bet? Despite of those damn good reasons and inspirations to write about, i wrote nothing.

-finally accepting that pms is damn real

-mum and dud still go out for dates (and how i miss them)

-spending the last year of your life having ‘2’ as the first digit in your age

-job hunt frustration and optimism at the same time

-job hunt ended (yes, i am hired!)

-transition of season and how it affects the fashion style

-living in north america, the continent

-passion in writing (can you even call it passion if youre not writing a lot? rather, even if you dont write at all?)

-starting to write my damn first publish-material story (is it damn ideal?)

-forever in love: distance and different time zones dont matter, surprisingly

as ironic from

-that feeling of being ignored after a big E

-how i see myself raising my future kids

-etc, etc.

im not damn sure if all of those were really the attempted topics. some might just be the result of my sleepiness now. also, pardon me for the insensitive use of upper and lower case in the beginning. blame it on my sleepyhead. (huh!) damn!



March 4, 2015

one day, things will make sense..

and finally you can say, now i understand.