i will bet on the answer

April 13, 2015

which do you think is better, high school or college?

that was my question to my students in my first semester of teaching in college.

i dont know why i cannot forget that day, that instance when i asked my first batch of english class students. then without second thoughts, all i heard was a loud “high school!” i accepted their answer and told them that i would ask them again the same question then we would see if their answers would change, after spending crazy years in college.

they were freshmen then, second semester. i remembered about it again because yesterday, those kids proudly marched on stage and received that precious piece of paper every student aims for. i wasn’t there to witness the joy in their faces (how i wish i could defy gravity and fly miles and miles within an instant), but i know that yesterday was a milestone in their life and i am so happy for them. after four years of spending their time in college -all the homeworks, projects, unending papers, discussions, graded recitations, presentations, missed quizzes, hell weeks, failed and passed major exams, being paper and pen parasites, ditching of classes, stalking of crushes, cursing the professors, “group projects and sleepovers,” sleepless nights and zombie mode days, hangovers, new friendship, lost friendship, gaining solid friends for life, finding “the one” and losing that one (oops, sorry), joining clubs and organizations, winning and losing academic and non-academic competitions, brainstorming and brain drains, on-the-job trainings, defending proposals and finally surpassing the dreaded thesis, i am certain that they are all proud of themselves.

unfortunately, i wasnt able to ask them again the same question because that was the first and last time i handled them as a class. if i could ask them now, “which is better, high school or college? i wonder what their answers would be.

to batch 2015, congratulations and good luck. welcome to the real world. remember, always strive to be better than yesterday.



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