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May 18, 2015

what are you waiting for?


when all you want to do is hug someone…

May 14, 2015

but you can’t because you are miles and miles away.



onion skin

May 11, 2015


i dont know how to begin so i thought i’d use this quote that i saw on a social media the other day.

i could not agree less. i know how it feels. it is one of the most wonderful feelings a human could ever experience. it is greater than the feeling of finally having an answer to a century-old question. it is more than the thrill and surreal feeling of winning the jackpot prize in the lottery. trust me, i know. but you know what? i dont plan to talk about it now. all i want to say is, over thinking could steal your sanity. make it lighter, over thinking could impair your capability of being emotionally firm or should i say psychologically stable?

gah, i am just sleepy.