please give me a steaK, somebody

August 4, 2015

few minutes before midnight, i am craving for something. something that will satisfy my mind. im sure it’s not my stomach that’s asking for it, but my mind. i already brushed my teeth, but here i am, craving for food again. i am eating this famous thin potato chips, which they say the only one you can buy in the market without air, but my mind asks for more. STEAK. i want a slice of steak. juicy, smokin’ hot, bursting with flavor, well-done. tasty mashed potato with gravy or buttered corn and veggies on the side, please.

earlier after dinner, i remembered that it’s again time to buy a new monthly bus pass so i walked to the nearest 7eleven and bought a full fare. transportation here demands a serious amount to your wallet, though buying a bus pass keeps me hopeful at the same time. it reminds me that hey, it’s a brand new month, time runs fast, soon you will be counting just days and you will finally see and hug and spend time with them again. positivity, eh?


the last cake i baked, 2 months ago

the last cake i baked, 2 months ago. yes, cake decorating isn’t my thing.


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