chicken wRap

September 21, 2015

i just closed 5 tabs -three of them giving me options and range of prices of airfare from winnipeg to iceland and the other two educating me how to get a schengen visa.

i have been dreaming on traveling to iceland, mainly because of my fascination on northern lights. tonight, after watching (again) ben stiller’s the secret life of walter mitty, my nerves of wanting to go to that beautiful land were electrified. i was equally moved by the scenic shots in the film and how strong the picture connected to the message, which the movie successfully delivered. and obviously, the music captured me (not so new about me).

one part that i love is the conversation between walter and sean o’connell on the himalayas. walter asked sean when will he take the shot of the “ghost cat” which is sean’s purpose of going there. the great but sentimental photographer answered,  “sometimes i don’t. if i like a moment… i don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. i just want to stay in it.” and this is what we often forget, to intimately live in the moment, even if it means setting aside our ultimate personal desires.

to be cont… [1/2]


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