friday the 13th is Love

November 6, 2015

i dont want to get too excited but i am. oh my banff! wait for me. unlucky us though because the gondola to sulphur mountain is under renovation until summer next year. hmmn, gives me a reason to go back. after almost a year, this will be my first travel outside mb, first looong drive in canada, approximately 15 hours. wuhoo! at last, i will see mountains again. wow, the thought of it gives me chill (not because it’s 2 degrees now šŸ˜› ) what more when i see them with my own eyes @.@ and i cant wait to listen to jason mraz with the canadian rockies in 360 view, sun rising and setting. oh em, imagine my imagination. it’s driving me crazy (er)! i dont know but it’s really the mountains that thrill me, not the main reason of our travel (though it will bring me to farther sides of this continent)

stop. save the anticipation until next week šŸ˜€

p.s. i miss sunshine. the whole week has been gloomy and wet cold. i hope to see you tomorrow, mr. sun (:


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