it’s Your stubborn love… thank You

January 25, 2016

i might sound stupid by asking this but i’ll ask anyway. how many times have you prayed without asking for anything? that kind of prayer where you start each line with “thank you”

honestly, in my almost-ending 29 years of existence, i have done that only once. just last Christmas, i did that and it felt so real. it felt like i should have done that long ago and only now i ask myself why dont i do it more often or even constantly? aside from it being a just thing to do, it makes you feel human and it gives joy which you cannot comprehend. it makes you feel like flying and makes you realize how life should be spent here on earth. but because i am stubborn, it’s one of those that should be called once in a lifetime.

and i want to change that.

i’ll try to start doing it again tonight.


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