all ways

February 17, 2016

as the caffeine slowly gets off my nerves while a laud on loop soothes my mind and soul…

just a few hours ago, i was telling a friend how i recently started pondering how loosely i live my life, how i see myself as next to a person without any solid plans in life in terms of being successful. to make it worse, i am even asking the world if it is a good thing or not.

unlike most of the people i know, personally and not, i am living my life one day at a time without a concrete long term goal. while some of my friends are now successful in their careers, i stay as a typical office girl. while others are pursuing nonstop education, as if they were born to spend their whole life studying, i develop my knowledge and skills by watching the sunrise in awe and by walking and feeling the cold air on my skin. while some of my batchmates and even those who are younger than me have started to build their own houses from their hard-earned money, my whole life i have lived and is still living with family, contributing an unremarkable share.

seriously wordpress, where is the strikethrough button?

looking back on my professional life, the last two workplaces i have been where i spent my life for five or more years were undeniably satisfying. both i did not expect and did not originally plan to enter but both gave me a sense of fulfillment and purpose. yes, this is me still trying to convince you and myself that having no plans and going with the flow isn’t that bad and can lead you to something gratifying. this is me still bargaining that my being easy go lucky has a hidden “reason” or “purpose” that i am yet to understand as i continue my journey on earth.


all i really want to say is, i may not have a hardcore goal in life and surely im far from being the ideal and perfect woman, but i have my own understanding of what a good and a meaningful life is and Never have i lost my sight on that one happiness that have always, always kept me going.



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