cool summer breeze

July 4, 2016

dreaming is easy but reaching it is not. but what if you dont even know what your dream is? you look out the window on a gloomy sunday afternoon with the top leaves of the trees swaying as the hush of wind blows on your cheeks. the hot summer atmosphere takes a leave and brings you that cool melancholy summer breeze. it makes you think about your life, what you have accomplished, what you have not, and what you should have. good if you know the difference.

it does not happen once. it happens several times in 30 days. those days when you wish you own a cabin by the shore or a hut in the woods, thinking that the whispers of nature will make your mind free from loneliness.

oh nature, what remedy do you offer? im here, take me captive. an hour, a day, weeks, i wont mind. that is what i want. maybe that is what i need, to disconnect from the world and be one with you.


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