here comEs the sun

August 2, 2016

you know that feeling of losing your passion even though you are passionless?

last night i found it hard to sleep and i came across a social media post of a friend. he is questioning the credibility of nasa as he shared a picture of the same moon seen at the same time in two different sides of the earth, according to the post. thus, claiming that the earth is flat and not spherical in shape. in the comment section of the original post where most of them agree that our earth is indeed a flat entity in space, there is a link to a video where this man illustrates and “proves” this claim through a rocket launch in 2014. so much of this theory,  I thought about it but dismissed it off my restless mind after half a minute.

let me make it clear, my questions about losing your passion and this flat earth issue are not connected. i just find it phenomenal (sorry for my lack of terms but yes, im using it) that in this revolving world full of theories, concerns, issues, crimes, problems that are usually man-made, there are certain things aside from family that will affect us right in the center of our heart to our being a being. as if the world stops spinning to magnify the hurt and put you on the spotlight for being one of the worst existing people In the universe. in effect, you feel so vulnerable and weak. at least that proves that you still exist, right?

mercury, venus, and jupiter will align diagonally and be visible at sunset today, according to natgeo news. things like this make me giddy. i hope i can witness it but i guess not because of this holiday rain.


worry not, that is water-based acrylic


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