and the greatest of these is love

November 21, 2016

scattered, that is how she feels at the moment.

feeling that she does not belong to anywhere, anyone, anything.

i wonder how is it to be a non-living thing. are they aware that they exist? i bet not, but lucky them because they have that on-the-spot purpose on earth. the study lamp, the phone charger, the paperclip, those mint cookies, the curtains, pillows and bed sheet, doorknob, the sign do not enter, the water bottle -these things dont need to think of what they should be doing with their existence. they dont get confused on what path to follow and they dont need to worry of the consequences of their decisions. they dont get hurt and if ever they cause pain to anything, they dont have conscience.

maybe it’s a cool thing being a non-living thing. but then my mind asks me, if you are not existing, how would you feel hope, faith, and love?

please hug me the moment you see me. hug me tight and tighter. maybe thats all i need to put everything back into one piece.


this post-storm sky is love (wpg, mb. july 2016)


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