January 4, 2017






watching and being surrounded by the sea is soothing. letting the waves swallow you feels even better. take me back to the waves and whisper to them to take me away…

i read this somewhere:

everything heals. your body heals. your heart heals. the mind heals. wounds heal. your soul repairs itself. your happiness is always going to come back. bad times dont last.

happiness is going to come back, either by the same old reason of your happiness before or by a new source which you are yet to discover.

recently, i asked a friend how do we know if we made the wrong decision. he answered, “if you find it hard to stand by it then you would know something’s wrong with it.” one thing is for sure, once you get older, the level of life’s problems and decisions gets more difficult and serious as well.

for 2017, peace is all i wish for. peace of mind, peace of heart, peace within humanity, peace within ourselves, because if we achieve peace, forgiveness is easy and love is constant.


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