January 11, 2017

im sorry for all the heartaches that i caused

for every painful word that ive said

for each hurting thought that i silently screamed

im sorry if i transformed into something that you havent seen before

please know that i didnt mean to hurt anybody

i dont even know why i am here for

im sorry for all the things that i did

and for all the things i should have done

but what was done was done

im sorry for being a part of my life

i know it wasnt easy

at least now you can start anew without the crazy me

im sorry for my being insensitive

it’s hard for you, i know

sorry for just letting it be

im sorry for giving up

i dont know why, i dont where im going

im sorry, maybe this is the real me

forgive me for drifting away…


One comment

  1. if only…

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