this is no Good read

February 19, 2017

i need a book. i need new characters who will reassure me that everybody has his share of low moments and even lowest days. i need new worlds where i can breathe fresh air and let my frustrations out. i need a new story with lots of twists and turns so that i’ll be reminded that life’s like this.

i cannot remember the last book i read. silly me, eh. last week i thought of visiting the library tomorrow and so i can also take a walk downtown but i realized i cant because it’s holiday tomorrow. i’ll go on tuesday perhaps. i hope i can find a good read. any recommendation?

but what if it’s fiction and the same thing is happening to me? am i a fictional character now? or, is fiction now the new reality?

im just sleepy. maybe. i did GoT marathon yesterday and i finished season 1 past 2 am i think. i know, i know, im a late bloomer. im in half of season 2 now but maybe i’ll do it only on weekends.

told you, this is no good read.

i need a good one.


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