my mac still has the same old password

March 14, 2017

so many things in my head, so many words i want to say. my stubborn memory still flashes back to the good times, often, and it always brings me that happy throbbing feeling inside. sometimes i try to fight it but sometimes not. i guess i will be dealing with it for the rest of my life. i take it as a consequence, and a token at the same time. happy thoughts.

i might forget the exact words i said but i wont forget the pain they caused. i’ll understand if i wont ever be forgiven.

this might be the last time i’ll speak of this.

i pray for a lot of things to happen. one is for wounds to heal. i dont know how and when but i want to believe on what they say that time heals all wounds. please believe it too.

i might sound proud. im not. if only id be invisible.

so many things to say but i rather not to.

if you feel like flying, let music take you.

i miss you too…


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