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i will bet on the answer

April 13, 2015

which do you think is better, high school or college?

that was my question to my students in my first semester of teaching in college.

i dont know why i cannot forget that day, that instance when i asked my first batch of english class students. then without second thoughts, all i heard was a loud “high school!” i accepted their answer and told them that i would ask them again the same question then we would see if their answers would change, after spending crazy years in college.

they were freshmen then, second semester. i remembered about it again because yesterday, those kids proudly marched on stage and received that precious piece of paper every student aims for. i wasn’t there to witness the joy in their faces (how i wish i could defy gravity and fly miles and miles within an instant), but i know that yesterday was a milestone in their life and i am so happy for them. after four years of spending their time in college -all the homeworks, projects, unending papers, discussions, graded recitations, presentations, missed quizzes, hell weeks, failed and passed major exams, being paper and pen parasites, ditching of classes, stalking of crushes, cursing the professors, “group projects and sleepovers,” sleepless nights and zombie mode days, hangovers, new friendship, lost friendship, gaining solid friends for life, finding “the one” and losing that one (oops, sorry), joining clubs and organizations, winning and losing academic and non-academic competitions, brainstorming and brain drains, on-the-job trainings, defending proposals and finally surpassing the dreaded thesis, i am certain that they are all proud of themselves.

unfortunately, i wasnt able to ask them again the same question because that was the first and last time i handled them as a class. if i could ask them now, “which is better, high school or college? i wonder what their answers would be.

to batch 2015, congratulations and good luck. welcome to the real world. remember, always strive to be better than yesterday.



if you’re a teacher, you might relate

October 29, 2014

is it really me or am i just being paranoid?

seeing your students expressing disappointment or worse, confusion and loathe because of the grade they got in your subject, is something you dont want to experience as a teacher.

not once, but twice. it’s time for getting grades and two of my students posted a picture of their grades from the previous semester. on the list, both of them got lowest on my subject, english101. then as i read the comments, as expected, people see the negative.

at first, my conscience bothers me. i muse on my standards, review my policies in class. no, i didnt set a high standard. then i open my file and scan the grades. well, i guess im really affected. true, most of the grades range between average and below average, though some are high, not to mention those failing grades. what’s my point? did you pass all the quizzes? were you even able to take all? did you actively participate in class discussions or you kept talking with your seatmate? perhaps, sleeping or daydreaming? did you do your homeworks and seatworks? were you always present in class or you were the one who often enters the room in the middle of the session? what was your grade in the preliminary, midterm, and final exams? did you pass even one of them?

what i want to say is simple: YOU are the one who makes your grade. react accordingly.

i am not angry. sorry if i sound like it. it is just that i would like to express my thoughts and feelings on this matter and i want to leave a reminder, though i know they wont be able to read this. still, i love teaching and i love my students.



as much as i want to reiterate that these “numbers” dont define you as a person, but as students, make it one of your goals to achieve above average grades. it is not only for you, it’s for your parents/family as well. whatever, wherever, always strive to be better 😉



October 13, 2012

As i was all caught up in my thoughts, my phone brought me back to earth. Of course i was startled. Hearing it sound nowadays doesnt help, though i know at the back of my mind im waiting for something. I just wouldnt admit it.
As i glanced upon it, a message from an unknown number. It is a message from a student in my huminities class last semester. Oh in case i havent told you, sembreak has just started. Going back, my student says she misses our class. Aww my heart melted. Somehow i feel that some of my students, i believe not all, appreciate me, or the way i handle my class. As what ive said to myself when i started teaching, id be happy as long as theres at least one person in my classes who will appreciate me for what i give and what they gain.
I want to be a far much better teacher. I know there are still lots of rooms of improvement for me to conquer. Im afraid i cant do everything, but i’ll try my best. I want to inspire young minds. Aside from academic knowledge, i want them to appreciate and embrace life. I want to be close with my students. You know, like friends hanging out and having some fun. But of course inside the classroom, a barrier still stands.
…im thankful for this. I wasnt really writing about this teacher thing not until my student messaged me. But im happy because even within couples of minutes my thoughts flew from the heavy side. Now i cant remember what i was supposed to be really writing. Maybe i need more distractions. Not that im choosing to ignore whats really happening, it’s just that i dont want to be consumed by the black hole cause it’s painful you know. Im not sure but maybe my minds right. I need time. Perhaps things will get lighter after some time.
So before it gets heavy again, thats all for now. I maybe back later, tomorrow, who knows when. I’ll just have some shower and try to wash some bv.


summer enDs

May 26, 2012

one week to go and i’m back to reality. a reality which used to be undefined and unimagined before. a reality that was untouched  years ago. a reality which i used to think to be difficult and not fun at all. a reality which now i am starting to appreciate and love and honor. yes, it’s difficult, i must say, but it is very fulfilling and satisfying. meeting and having new friends, sharing what you know, seeing them grow the way you pictured them, and learning new things every day as well. being an educator is no easy job. it won’t make your bank account fat either. but once it taps your heart, you’ll embrace its whole package. you won’t even see it as a job, at least that’s what they say.

i am not announcing here that it has fully tapped my heart. i think i’m still in the process of weighing and deciphering things. but this reality has started to bring joy and fun to my life, and lots of worries and stress at the same time. still, i’m sticking to it this mid year.

i know i haven’t written solely about being a teacher, educator, professor, lecturer, instructor, call it whichever way you want. perhaps one day, i’ll do it. and i want it to be nice and inspiring. the whole world will be reminded how noble and self-giving educators do. every human being will honor and respect these people who wholeheartedly offer themselves to others. now i’m not sure what the chuck i’m ‘monologueing’ here. crap.

“A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.” -Henry Adams

“A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action,for one single good poem, accomplishes more than he who fills our memory with rows and rows of natural objects, classified with name and form.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


i want to run run run…

November 30, 2011

great!  i wonder where this runny nose will  lead me tomorrow in my classes.  i can picture some of my  students  handing me tissue papers to wipe my  nose. awesome scenario! honestly and literally, this liquid isn’t stopping from coming down my nose. perfect!