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last night had the most beautiful half moon i have ever seen

September 6, 2019

it was magical i had to write it down.

so dreamy it made me forget all my worries and fear for a while.

it was heavenly it reminded me that life is still beautiful.

totally unforgettable it made me remember happy memories.

it was simply stunning i had to look up all the way home.

look up, always.


romans 8:28

November 26, 2018

when you thought the current runs smooth all along, there will always be that big rock on the way…



October 19, 2017

perhaps it’s better to blame it all to pregnancy hormones.

what is felt should not be based on what is seen.


note: this is an intro-body-conclusionless entry (as if that’s new)

September 15, 2017

this thought just came to mind – what if all the important people in my life suddenly leave me?

then a tear voluntarily fell from my eye. i can be a dramatic actress, you know. haha!

i dont know why but there is something that makes me feel sentimental today. not really lonely but sentimental or emotional, whichever fits better. might be the gloomy weather or the fact that im home alone. oh, no! i think the pregnancy hormones are striking again. (yes, i now have a new thing to blame for my crazy moods ((:)

then my mind reminded me, you cant be thinking of things like these anymore. you are soon having a child. you cant be selfish. you now have no rights to think of running away when things get tough just the way you always did before!

then my bubble popped and im back to earth once more.

one of my ultimate dreams is to write the story of my life. not really an autobiography type but a novel-ish one. maybe it’s only me (of course, it’s only me because it’s me) but i really think my life story is somehow interesting. youd think it is just plain and simple but youd be surprised of the unpredictable twists and turns. at some point youd think it is coming to an end but lo and behold, another major turn of events unfolds before your eyes. what a great story!


will it ever happen? no one knows. maybe not. thats a hint from my short term memory. but im still hoping it will.

changing topic, i am getting closer and closer to the day when i finally meet my little one. i know, i must have a separate blog for this new chapter in my life. ive thought of that more than once. the journey to motherhood is incomparable and life-changing and i am undeniably blessed and thankful to God that He let me experience this. i believe all the mothers out there exactly know what im saying. it is love, and pure love, endless love.

i cant wait for the big day.



April 17, 2017

it hurts, a lot, but those are the most comforting words ive heard and maybe needing to hear these days. i have read it many times and each time didnt stop me to shed rivers of tears. maybe the tears that i felt and hurt the most among all that fell from my eyes my whole life.

it is not the pain that is caused by somebody else. perhaps the most painful thing that can happen to someone is feeling the pain she caused herself.

i am not ready yet. im sorry…


director’s cut

February 28, 2017

some people are good in pretending. we all know that.

they look happy when surrounded by people but deep inside they are breaking.

they seem to be carefree but they do care, the most.

just like in a movie…


when life is being sarcastic

December 26, 2016