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when 2 lines (and not the rest) of a song capture your whole being…

April 10, 2015

wherever and however you are in your journey in life, do not ever compare yourself to somebody else. try to understand that you have different problems that you face, just like you have different successes that you win. for someone, success could mean getting his dream job after 9 months of search. for you, that would only be the first step of achieving your dream of becoming someone.

you can also think this way. choose a song that you really like. a song that defines your life. a song that embodies what you are going through or have gone through. a song that speaks for you. now, that song in your mind is so good and you are not the only one who loves it. there are hundreds, thousands of other people who also play that very same song in loop the whole day. and like you, that song stands as the soundtrack of their life as well. it speaks for them, too. but you should know, they have a different story than yours.

imagine, eating a banana makes you happy but it makes somebody else sick.

what’s my point? stigmatized. i’ve been a fan of this song since my university days. it is currently playing on the background while i am tapping the keyboard, just so you know. im afraid i dont know the meaning of the song ever since the first time i heard it. i tried to google about it and zoom! people have their own versions of trying to pull a sense out of the lyrics. somebody said it is about a person fighting for a lost love. some say it’s about an illegal love, while others believe it is all about a gay love affair.

definitely, the composer has his reason and inspiration of writing it and the listeners will always have different takes on it. i have my own too, of course. i may not fully get the sense, i tried but i didnt put so much effort in deciphering, but i love the fact that i truly madly honestly enjoy the music. i love the ambience it puts me in and i love the emotions it brings me. this song will always be a track in my fly playlist.

i originally planned to link a video here for easy access, but im not sure if it is my connection that is problematic or it’s the video, or whatsoever. i’ll just copy and paste the lyrics instead.

STIGMATIZED [the calling]

If I give up on you I give up on me
If we fight what’s true, will we ever be
Even God himself and the faith I knew
Shouldn’t hold me back, shouldn’t keep me from you
Tease me, by holding out your hand
Then leave me, or take me as i am
And live our lives, stigmatized
I can feel the blood rushing through my veins
When i hear your voice, driving me insane
Hour after hour day after day
Every lonely night that i sit and pray
We live our lives on different sides,
But we keep together you and I
Just live our lives, stigmatized
We’ll live our lives,
We’ll take the punches everyday
We’ll live our lives
I know we’re gonna find our way
I believe in you
Even if no one understands
I believe in you, and i don’t really give a damn
If we’re stigmatized
We live our lives on different sides
But we keep together you and I
We live our lives on different sides
We gotta live our lives
Gotta live our lives
Were gonna live our lives
We’re gonna live our lives,
Gonna live our lives,
p.s. my favorite part of the song is the humming in the intro. that’s where the emotions burst the most. (whutt?)
#donttracethedotsinmostofmywords #youwillendupdisappointed #whatamisaying
p.s. of p.s. isn’t that weird? you listen to a new song.. there is a couple of lines that you like the most and because of those lines, that song is now your “national anthem” though it doesnt really speak for you in whole. who’s with me?

bike for Pencils

April 19, 2014

everybody has the right to go to school and learn, but not everybody is receiving proper and sustainable education.

if you have read my entry on november first last year, it was about a 5-day (but amazingly became 4-day) ride for a cause. dubbed as dos kada kilometro para sa klasrum ng pag-asa. northern trails: manila to pagudpud, the group of bikers was successful in their goal to pedal 557 kilometers to help build classrooms. click the link education for everyJuan for you to see.

now, another project is again taking place for the sake of education.

bike for pencils

bike for pencils. as read in their post, Bike for Pencils Project is a cause-oriented initiative of Edicute Incorporated in cooperation with Tiklop Society of the Philippines, Tayabas Cycling Association, and Ligao Amateur Cycling Association.Twenty (21) volunteer bikers will be cycling for a cause from Manila (via Antipolo) to Matnog, Sorsogon on 16-20 April 2014 and will cover more than 500 kilometers as follows:

Manila to Lucena: 111 kms (16 April)
Lucena to Calauag: 111 kms (17 April)
Calauag to Naga: 132 kms (18 April)
Naga to Legaspi: 92 kms (19 April)
Legaspi to Matnog: 116 kms (20 April)

*562 kms in 5 days

to know all the details, visit their facebook profile here. there you can also follow the whereabouts of the brave volunteer bikers and the latest updates and even photos of their extraordinary journey. amazing isnt it? these cyclists get to do their hobby but at the same time, they are doing it for a cause. not everybody does that, or has the chance to do that kind of thing. honestly, im in awe to these people.

if in case you imagine and realize this seemingly impossible and impractical project ;), there are couples of ways on how to pledge for this advocacy. click this for more details and for the steps.

bike for pencils 1

bike for pencils 2

bike for pencils 3

[photos by rj taganas, one of the bikers]

once more, not only as Filipinos but as a part of humanity, let as be one and do our share in upholding the value of education, especially to the indigenous people who dont experience a normal education. if you are reading this, then maybe it’s a sign that you are one of the fortunate people who can  give and share whatever you can. let us help reduce illiteracy rate. let us promote quality and sustainable education to everyone. also, let us pray for the safety and success of this advocacy ride. the bikers still have two days to reach their goal.

#bikeforpencils #yestoeducation


education for everyJuan

November 1, 2013
education is for all

education is for all

day 2 of this advocacy bike ride has just successfully ended. from manila, the bikers are now in tagudin, ilocos sur. wohw! and they have pedaled a total of 333 kilometers just within two days. another woohw!! 224 kilometers left and they will soon finish the ride. (i am not pretty sure if my figures are accurate though) their passion in biking and their desire to lend a hand (or legs? ;)) are truly astonishing.

this inspiring group is determined in doing this to raise funds to help build more “klasrums ng pag-asa” and to boost awareness on the importance of education. yes, biking is fun. many are fond of it, but biking for a cause (not to mention  557 kms, rain or shine) is another topic. even typhoons cannot stop these people in meeting their goal.

if you are an education advocate and you admire and see this group’s passion uplifting, you can support them by giving pledges.

your pledge can make a difference

your pledge can make a difference

visit, like, and you can also share their facebook page for more details about this advocacy ride and for real-time updates and photos:

for more information about klasrums ng pag-asa, click the link below:

education is unlimited. it is for everyone.

share & be aware.

let us  be one in making a difference.



i Won’t give up

January 4, 2012

inverted AAA's




HAPPY 2012!


the True spirit

December 23, 2011

2 days before Christmas. a lot are excited, some anxious, and many people from Southern Philippines don’t know how they would celebrate the season. few days before Christmas they were hit by typhoon sendong- thousands of houses were destroyed, hundreds were killed, many are still missing. just watching the heart-dragging stories on the news made me teary-eyed. how much more for those people who lost their families and loved ones? i can’t bear to watch and look at the images of lifeless human beings drowned and all covered with mud, fathers protecting his children until his last breath, mothers embracing her son, giving her last tender embrace, elderly ones seeming to be strong amidst the storm raging.

at times like this, i am used to thinking, what if i was there? what if i am put to that situation? would i survive if i’ve lost my family? would i still want to live if everything that i have built and saved was gone just like that? would i still want Christmas to come? would i still believe and hope that i could stand again and start a brand new life? would i want to wake up for a new day? or would i just sleep and let the darkness set in me forever? what would i do?

let us be thankful that we were not there and we did not experience that tragedy. but as we celebrate this Christmas, let us not forget those who lost their lives and lost their homes and families in this calamity. let us pray for their souls to have eternal peace and let us pray for the abandoned ones to still see the light and to continue living and believing in Him. it is very saddening that a natural tragedy occurs on a season of joy and happiness. let us pray that all those celebrating this season still remember and still feel the true spirit of Christmas; the true reason behind this historical and glorifying event -celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. God gave us the most precious gift He could ever give so it must be reflected to us by selflessly giving and sharing our blessings with those who need it most. and now is the time to to do it. a nation that is united doesn’t let any of its people suffer from challenges alone. let us be one.

There are 25 million Filipinos on Facebook. If each one donates 5 pesos to Red Cross we could raise 125 million for Sendong victims. Here's how (from the Philippine Red Cross website): SMS Text RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart) G-Cash Text DONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>4-digit M-PIN<space>REDCROSS to 2882 You can donate the following denominations: Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000 Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000

let us help make everyone feel the true spirit of Christmas even in our own little ways. give and you shall receive. now i will leave you with this moving video:

MARY CHRISTmas  to all (:



September 29, 2011

Disturb us, Lord,
When we are too well pleased with ourselves,
When our dreams have come true
Because we have dreamed too little,
When we arrived safely
Because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,
To venture on wider seas
Where storms will show your mastery;
Where losing sight of land,
We shall find the stars.

as i am worried about the situation of my loved ones in calumpit, bulacan (flood is still rising around the area), i read bo’s soulfood for september 26. i have started reading it last night but because of sleepiness, i was not able to finish it. tonight as i continued reading the article, i felt my heart smiling despite the worries in my head. every paragraph, every sentence in bo’s article touched my heart.

“You think you’ve got problems? Think again. You don’t!”

“If you won’t share your blessings to others, you won’t receive the maximum amount of blessings that God wants for your life.”

” The lesson?

       Don’t ever say, “It’s none of my business.”

       We are indelibly intricately connected with each other.

       When our brother is in pain, we should be in pain too.”

these are only some of the remarkable words that really made an impact on me and got me to realize and rethink of things. aah, let us be heroes even in the simplest ways. now if you got curious and you want to feel what i experienced while reading the article, just click the link below:

Lord Disturb Me

i hope that by sharing this, i am being a blessing to you, then you bless others, too. happy reading 🙂

be the next acoustic Star

September 13, 2011

learn to play the guitar for only  PhP4,800=12 sessions

basic & advanced lessons. manila, philippines.

 for inquiry & more information, click the link below: