few words

“Acquaintance with letters” -literal meaning of Literature. For N.V.M. Gonzales, “Literature is an affair of letters.” Why am i saying this? I do not know. I don’t look at my works as literature, neither this site a collaboration of literary art. Everything here is just a result of my feelings, an outburst of my emotions, a key to my imaginations. What you see/read here are nothing but letter-representations of thoughts and sentiments of a human being, mostly in her down epochs, and maybe, in her insanity ages as well. This is quite a strange place, but if you happen to find this, maybe there is something in you that connects to these letters. Feel it. Make it real.

-a random soul who tries to be passionate with letters…whenever the wind brings the hush of words


These letters are bound to change any time, any minute, any second…

i aim not to please

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