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things change: i started this on the 25th but it is now the 26th

December 26, 2014

this is my first time to celebrate Christmas on a negative degree weather..

this is my first time to spend it without my mom and dad..

this is the first Christmas i dont get to eat that sweet yummy give-away ham..

 this is the first Christmas that i teared up uncontrollably in front of a laptop monitor..


this is my first time to have a true winter wonderland Christmas.

this is the first time that my folks learn to be independent in using their gadgets; we got to spend Christmas from different sides of the world (thanks to technology).

this is my first Christmas eve to have turkey on the table.

this is my first Christmas to be feeling this unexplainable strong emotion which i cannot keep on my own, and i am glad that i have someone who willingly understands my roller coaster reactions -OA smile, crazy make-faces, sarcastic laugh, silent stare, involuntary sobs, invisible(?) tears, etc.

wherever you are at this time of the year, always look at the bright side. whatever the circumstance is, remember that the reason of the season is still and will forever be HIM. happy birthday Jesus!

merry Christmas! (:

Christmas tree