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boOks, oh books!

June 29, 2009

here’s the scenario going on for a few days now in my mind:

feverishly visit a book store [desirably  powerbooks, but not the one in megamall, preferably the robinsons ermita branch :-D], browse a bunch of very good books that i still don’t have, and buy every book that i like! hmm..if only i have lotsa money, this is one that surely i’d do. but for now, just to satisfy this hunger, maybe i’d just visit a book store and buy just one good book, either audrey niffenegger’s the time traveler’s wife or nicholas sparks’ the lucky one or true believer or the choice or dear john or the wedding (argh, i desperately want to have a copy of all of his books!), or paolo coehlo’s the alchemist (oh yes, i  have read not a single book of his and now i’m interested), or bo sanchez’ latest book, or bob ong’s kapitan sino. okay ok, enough. i said only one for now. i’d just face the combat of choosing among these recommended grabs.

i believe that one day, i will be able to buy all the books that i want and soon i’ll have my own library of best sellers by the bestseller authors, including the one writing this. 😛

soon to grab :D

soon to grab! 😀