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if you’re a teacher, you might relate

October 29, 2014

is it really me or am i just being paranoid?

seeing your students expressing disappointment or worse, confusion and loathe because of the grade they got in your subject, is something you dont want to experience as a teacher.

not once, but twice. it’s time for getting grades and two of my students posted a picture of their grades from the previous semester. on the list, both of them got lowest on my subject, english101. then as i read the comments, as expected, people see the negative.

at first, my conscience bothers me. i muse on my standards, review my policies in class. no, i didnt set a high standard. then i open my file and scan the grades. well, i guess im really affected. true, most of the grades range between average and below average, though some are high, not to mention those failing grades. what’s my point? did you pass all the quizzes? were you even able to take all? did you actively participate in class discussions or you kept talking with your seatmate? perhaps, sleeping or daydreaming? did you do your homeworks and seatworks? were you always present in class or you were the one who often enters the room in the middle of the session? what was your grade in the preliminary, midterm, and final exams? did you pass even one of them?

what i want to say is simple: YOU are the one who makes your grade. react accordingly.

i am not angry. sorry if i sound like it. it is just that i would like to express my thoughts and feelings on this matter and i want to leave a reminder, though i know they wont be able to read this. still, i love teaching and i love my students.



as much as i want to reiterate that these “numbers” dont define you as a person, but as students, make it one of your goals to achieve above average grades. it is not only for you, it’s for your parents/family as well. whatever, wherever, always strive to be better 😉


bike for Pencils

April 19, 2014

everybody has the right to go to school and learn, but not everybody is receiving proper and sustainable education.

if you have read my entry on november first last year, it was about a 5-day (but amazingly became 4-day) ride for a cause. dubbed as dos kada kilometro para sa klasrum ng pag-asa. northern trails: manila to pagudpud, the group of bikers was successful in their goal to pedal 557 kilometers to help build classrooms. click the link education for everyJuan for you to see.

now, another project is again taking place for the sake of education.

bike for pencils

bike for pencils. as read in their post, Bike for Pencils Project is a cause-oriented initiative of Edicute Incorporated in cooperation with Tiklop Society of the Philippines, Tayabas Cycling Association, and Ligao Amateur Cycling Association.Twenty (21) volunteer bikers will be cycling for a cause from Manila (via Antipolo) to Matnog, Sorsogon on 16-20 April 2014 and will cover more than 500 kilometers as follows:

Manila to Lucena: 111 kms (16 April)
Lucena to Calauag: 111 kms (17 April)
Calauag to Naga: 132 kms (18 April)
Naga to Legaspi: 92 kms (19 April)
Legaspi to Matnog: 116 kms (20 April)

*562 kms in 5 days

to know all the details, visit their facebook profile here. there you can also follow the whereabouts of the brave volunteer bikers and the latest updates and even photos of their extraordinary journey. amazing isnt it? these cyclists get to do their hobby but at the same time, they are doing it for a cause. not everybody does that, or has the chance to do that kind of thing. honestly, im in awe to these people.

if in case you imagine and realize this seemingly impossible and impractical project ;), there are couples of ways on how to pledge for this advocacy. click this for more details and for the steps.

bike for pencils 1

bike for pencils 2

bike for pencils 3

[photos by rj taganas, one of the bikers]

once more, not only as Filipinos but as a part of humanity, let as be one and do our share in upholding the value of education, especially to the indigenous people who dont experience a normal education. if you are reading this, then maybe it’s a sign that you are one of the fortunate people who can  give and share whatever you can. let us help reduce illiteracy rate. let us promote quality and sustainable education to everyone. also, let us pray for the safety and success of this advocacy ride. the bikers still have two days to reach their goal.

#bikeforpencils #yestoeducation


education for everyJuan

November 1, 2013
education is for all

education is for all

day 2 of this advocacy bike ride has just successfully ended. from manila, the bikers are now in tagudin, ilocos sur. wohw! and they have pedaled a total of 333 kilometers just within two days. another woohw!! 224 kilometers left and they will soon finish the ride. (i am not pretty sure if my figures are accurate though) their passion in biking and their desire to lend a hand (or legs? ;)) are truly astonishing.

this inspiring group is determined in doing this to raise funds to help build more “klasrums ng pag-asa” and to boost awareness on the importance of education. yes, biking is fun. many are fond of it, but biking for a cause (not to mention  557 kms, rain or shine) is another topic. even typhoons cannot stop these people in meeting their goal.

if you are an education advocate and you admire and see this group’s passion uplifting, you can support them by giving pledges.

your pledge can make a difference

your pledge can make a difference

visit, like, and you can also share their facebook page for more details about this advocacy ride and for real-time updates and photos:

for more information about klasrums ng pag-asa, click the link below:

education is unlimited. it is for everyone.

share & be aware.

let us  be one in making a difference.