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united as One

November 16, 2013

a week ago, super typhoon yolanda, with the international name haiyan, hit our country, philippines. it is said to be the strongest typhoon in the history of the country, or even of the world.

(i am not really sure of what to write here. i thought of doing this couples of days ago but i was not certain of what to say, not to mention the time constraint. perhaps im afraid i might sound different when all i really want is to help uplift the spirit of everyone. i often become too emotional, you know.) watching the news and videos, seeing the devastation, reading heart-breaking articles, looking at surreal-like aftermath photos  from the affected areas give me goosebumps, swollen eyes, and mixed emotions. it is hard for me to absorb what i see. some questions also pop in my mind like: what would i do if my family and i lived in the affected areas? where would we stay when our home was washed away by the storm? would i still be sane if i survived the tragedy and my loved ones didnt? how would i move on if everything i had is nothing? or should i ask, would i even still want to live?

please dont get me wrong. these are only the thoughts of a random soul, wondering and reflecting on what is happening around. one recognizable thing that i see is that the resiliency of the Filipino spirit will always come through. forget about pointing fingers. forget about selfish acts. forget about the different beliefs. cease the misunderstandings. what we need now is unity, courage, and faith that we will all pass this through. old, young, men, women, children, professionals, students, black, white, everybody can do something to help. even a small act counts. it is truly uplifting seeing all the nations in the world, extending aid to our country. i know i am no one but let me say, in behalf of the Filipino people, from the bottom of our heart, thank you.

i believe, through our trust and faith in God, with His guidance and incessant love, everything will flow smoothly again..even better.

the following images are not mine but i want to share them with you. credits to the owners.

calamity-proof filipino



japanese children, one with the Filipinos

Sendai students, one with the Filipinos

smiles and hope

smiles and hope


i am a Filipino

united as one

there are many ways to help. you can visit im not connected with them but i rely to them for fresh and reliable updates and useful information.

i also want to share this link, showing inspirational stories that could ‘restore your faith in humanity’ and Filipinos. read also the comments for more ‘yolanda’ inspirational stories. p.s., prepare your hankies 😉

p.s. p.s.

here’s not forgetting the other issues, corruption et al. read this, Pope Francis: corrupt should be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea. hello, napoles and company.

God bless everyone.