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born Free

August 7, 2009

voila! the long wait is finally over. i’m free!

i just can’t explain how it feels. does flying feel like this? perhaps, being born again? as if 60lbs of baggage was taken from me. why didn’t i do this the first time i had to? i won’t let it happen again..or should i say, i won’t let anything put me in that situation ever again.  yaeh, i think that’s it! it’s hard, yet worth working hard for. i can’t wait for Sunday to come..and the next Sunday, the next, the next, and the next next next Sundays.. oh, and how about Christmas and New Year, and birthday? haay… i have to exercise this freedom i now have.. i have to continue receiving this precious Gift i denied myself for quite a long time.. i gotta change. i gotta live a life that is truly living for.

time starts now. 🙂