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strings & pieces

September 15, 2009

i hate it. i don’t want to be vulnerable but

it’s overpowering my mind little by little.

it makes me happy but i’m afraid this won’t last long.

is it just right to make the most out of it now

before it fade away?

is it really too late

or we still have enough time to make things right?

i used to believe the pieces don’t fit anymore

but could we still try to bring back the pieces

and rearrange this big mess?

love is hard, yes it is.

but is it just me who’s making it more difficult?

am i denying the fact that you give me something

that makes me feel alright..

or is this just nothing that’s running on in my mind?

oh Lord please give me wisdom

do You want me to stay or should i continue walking away?

it’s too clear

that we can’t play on broken strings

but is replacing a new set of strings

would make a harmonious melody

that even the angels in heaven would dance with the music joyously.

do you really make it real?

will this ever, ever be real?

or am i just sneaking through the fantasy

which seems to be my bitter destiny..

mr.hurt & ms.pain

tell me where you’re going

have you done your part

and are now leaving?

perhaps it’s not yet time for you guys to go

because big little ms. fear is still hear to stay.