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hello, you beautiFul thing

October 19, 2015

writing comes easy and natural in two occasions: right before the second of deadline and when you are sad. some may agree and some may not, but to me it seems spot on.

so i haven’t updated this place for a while and i am thinking if it’s a good thing or not. i couldn’t compose because i am not in the state of melancholy, that’s what my mind wants me to believe. even if there are some recent events in my life that are journal-worthy, i let them pass my mind. i have trust issues with my memory so i won’t be surprised if i forget them one day. (though i won’t really be surprised because i wont know that i forgot them because i already forgot them at that time, right?)


i chanced upon this short article, “15 signs you are doing well in life even if you don’t think so” by sarita king, and i slightly  pondered about it. the eleventh sign says, your happiness is real. hmmn, at this time, i am 74 percent convinced that i am not doing well in my life. i got a job, but my heart, body, and mind  all agree that they don’t belong there. i’m in the age where i should have accomplished  something which my family and i should be proud of but i got none. yes, these are just two factors that pull me down whenever i reflect on what i have been doing in my life lately, but wait! at the back of these pitholes, there is a part in me which says, “hey, it’s not all about being successful in all aspects of your life at the same time.” then i think about how lucky i am to have a complete, happy healthy family, some true friends, and a loving and supportive man who never forgets to cheer me up whenever i miss home. then i tell myself, “that is real happiness, right?”

then i flash a smile -a genuine smile which not every human is fortunate to have.

with that being realized, can i claim that somehow i am doing something good in my life even if i don’t think so?

. . .

it has been weeks (or months?) that i am thinking of leaving my work, with or without a new one. being stuck in the four corners of an office for a whole day is not my thing. NOT at all! though the atmosphere in our office room could be a big factor of my animosity. whenever i’m in there, there’s never a day when i dont ‘t count the hours. they say that at some point, it is normal not to know what you want in life but at least you should know the things that you don’t like. i don’t like to be pinned in a quiet box (without any trace of music) where i can’t be who i really am and i do not want to be with people who don’t bring out the best in me. don’t be surprised if one day i’d be jobless again. perhaps that’s what i need, to be carefree and hopefully all the worlds will conspire and let me discern what my true purpose in this life is.

.  .

this weekend, i accompanied my sister to a baby store to have an exchange of item. at the counter, i saw these pretty little finger puppets. the moment my eyes saw them, my heart knew that i like them. i want them to be a part  of my life and now they are. they are six. the prince is shy, he does not want to be in the photo.

still thinking what names i should give them (:

still thinking what names i should give them (:


it’s better late than never. i bought the latest album of jason mraz (uhm, that latest is last year) last monday and the playlist is never ending the whole week until now. i’ve always been a fan and will stay that way until my last breath. his music is one of the few things that remind me that  Life is Beautiful. i hope everybody knows him and his music. all the songs in his yes album are awesome, just like the rest of his songs. i will leave you with this one which is one of my favorites. it’s not the official video; i think they haven’t created one yet, but this one is cute. this is for you (:



August 24, 2015

what’s living without music?


be the next acoustic Star

September 13, 2011

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if i’m addicted to loving you

July 31, 2011

if it’s love and we decide that it’s forever no one else could do it better…

it’s always a nice feeling to be happy in love (:

i had to decide if i’ll post the original music video or this one with the lyrics.. and guess which won? haha. i’m loving the melody & singing the lyrics.

i know you’re addicted to loving me, too. even if i once stopped believing in forever, i’m telling you this one, let’s fall in love forever (: