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January 1, 2015


cheers to a promising and a more exciting year!

may 2015 bring the human race peace, love, kindness, selflessness, comfort, & joy.

share the positive vibes.

happy new year! (:


make it Real: 2014 wrap up

December 31, 2014

and now it is exactly 12:00 am of the last day of 2014. i just finished watching a mystery/thriller/drama film and now i cannot stop these tears from falling. yeah, let us talk straight here, no candy words whatsoever. i dont know why and i am not complaining, but why is it that when it comes to family, people get weak? ok, why do i get weak? imagine, i just literally finished watching the film, i saw a message notification from our family group message, read it. it was from my mom and it is a very casual message about their game in their recent batch Christmas party; that they bought a new “torotot” and she would ask dad to take a picture of it so that ate and i could see it; she wanting not to cook for new year’s eve because it is only her and dad in our home; and she missing us so much. wow, perfect! now i know how to abruptly dismiss the feelings you get after watching a kind of bugging movie.

so because it is the 31st of december, yes it is now new year’s eve in this part of the world, might as well make this a year-end entry. i am not prepared so please bear with whatever comes.

i remember, i started 2014 cold, (the boyfriend and i went to a favorite spot in our home country to welcome the year) and now i am ending it colder (here in the once [that was actually last year only] said coldest place on earth). the other day, 29th, i celebrated my first month here. i was thinking of making an entry for it, but again, i didnt manage. but now that i have the chance, let me try.

11 things i learned in my first 31 days in W, MB

1. the first best friend you will have in this kind of place is none other than, a petroleum jelly. well, a lip balm would do but in my first few days, the latter was not enough.

2. of course if there is the first, there is a second. body lotion!!! i would not have survived my first month here without lotion. or else, my dead skin cells would have flown in your eyes. eww! sorry. dryness is next to ugliness. let us fight it!

3. those movies who have scenes like: main characters walking/playing in the snow wearing just one layer of casual spring-like clothes? THOSE ARE NOT TRUE! at least for me. how could anyone stand more than 5 minutes outside a negative degree weather, wearing a thin layer of clothes?! pardon me, i am not a movie maker.

4. here, you wont get to know the people in the neighborhood. dont ask me why, i dont know either. (here’s hoping that in summer time, i will see some)

5. now i understand why most of the people overseas are active in social networking sites.

6. i already know this and i even stated it here once: sisters are one of God’s greatest gifts. they will never abandon you and they will do everything for you. that is #realtalk

7. going back to movies, now i also understand those english movie lines like: “i have to go! my bus is coming.” “thank you for blocking my way. i missed my ride home!” etc. etc. buses are one major transportation mode here, and they have their Fixed schedules. they will not wait for you, so better be, OOPS! not on time, but ahead of time.

8. you can fairly find anything that you want in the supermarket, but most of the fresh food that you get back home, here they are all frozen.

9. listen and believe to the message of the aircraft captain once you land in winterpeg, “thank you for flying with us & welcome to the coldest place on earth.”

10. in winter time, bundle up when going out; “bundle up” when staying in. you have to be all prepped-up physically AND emotionally. read this: dont swim on your sadness and longings for loved ones. think of happy thoughts.

11. you will get through. whatever happens, believe you will.

whew!! at least my tears got tired. i managed to finish until the eleventh. now im groggy and my back wants to feel the comfort of my comfy new bed. 2014 was a blast. it had some crooked spots but it was my best year so far. [would love to expound on this but my head wont let me. sorry. i’ll try next time.]

so, roughly 21 hours and 2014 will be “so last year.” what can i say? 2015, it’s your time to shine. show me what you got because i am not turning back!

let us spread only the good vibes for the coming year. i feel so positive on this one and i cant wait for 2016 😛



good Life

January 1, 2014


honestly? im lost. i dont know what to write. oh well, whats new, eh? haha. but dont get me wrong, im good. whatever happens, i have to post this before 12 midnight. yes, before 2014.

for my last 2013 entry, i wont be listing resolutions for the coming year. i think ive done that before and i learned that it is no good. as to what ive read this afternoon, although new year’s resolutions would enliven your cells of hope in your body, these same resolutions could also make you think less of yourself. how? when after a week or two you’d stop fulfilling your promises then you would return to the old you, realizing that you couldnt make yourself become a better individual, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and whatever “ally” that you can think of. get the picture? agree? so dont waste your time making a list. haha.

twentythriteen. two zero one three.


two things that i will leave behind: pain and negativity. 2013 was a roller coaster of events and emotions. yes i will use the cliche, without challenges, life will be dull. and those challenges of ’13 left me hurt and wounded. but i will never let myself remain on that state, of course. i get hurt and i sometimes drown myself to all the negative things. but i tell you, this one is tough; strong enough to regain consciousness and swim back to land where i can stand head high. to all the pain and negativities of 2013, thank you for making me stronger. farewell!


for everything that happened in 2013, i regret nothing. i somehow believe that everything happens for a reason. with that, i am thankful for the year that was. good or bad, happy or sad, that’s part of life. living is a privilege. take advantage of it, in a good way. accept life’s challenges, experience new things, explore possibilities, and learn from your (and even from others’) mistakes. setbacks make you wiser. be sure you grow every day.


2013 is unforgettable because of one reason. have you ever met that person who brightens up your every day? that person who constantly consumes your mind before and after sleeping.. that sweet and thoughtful person who makes sure you’re well and secured.. that person who brings you home safe and sound (even after drowning yourself in alcohol and throwing all the yucky stuff), cleans your mess and provides everything that you need once you return to earth.. that hot-tempered but just person.. that stubborn but irresistible one.. that person who completes your day.. the one who makes you laugh even in action movies.. the one who wont watch a mushy film with you.. that person who teases you with the way you pronounce some letters (pfft!).. that person who is crazier than you.. the best dancer and singer in the world.. the one who melts you through his stare.. that person who believes in you when everybody doubts.. that person who never leaves your side.. that person who you long to embrace when things fall apart.. that person who you long to hug just because you want to.. that person who loves you for who you are and assures you for it.. that person who shares and completes your happiness.. well, i found mine. thank you 2013.


3 P’s of 2013. perspective people pretty

1) widen your perspective. twenty-thirteen proved that not everybody understands, or worse, desires to understand. from my observation, there are many narrow-minded people. i feel sorry for them. they automatically settle on what’s served in front of them not looking if it is clean or not. they dont ask. yes, we all have our biases, but avoid being like them. be unselfish. try it, it will make you feel good. 2) treasure people. surely, people come in our lives; some will stay, some will not. some are true, some are not. some are sincere, others are not. appreciate those you meet along . even if they continue walking, they give you lessons for sure. but be sure you treasure those who come and stay. sometimes those you least expect would turn out to be the most important people in your life. 3) 2013 –pretty, surprisingly amazing!

earlier i said that id post this before 2014, whatever happens. now tell me, what happened?? it is already 2014! oh my! woot! woot! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! may this year bring us world peace. let us start the year with good music. cheers!

p.s. dear wordpress, how do i insert a youtube video now? i can only do it by link 😐

#thebestdaysareyettocome #2014 #cheerstogoodlife



hello, 2013!

January 1, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR every all!

2012 has already passed and i leave in it everything that isn’t nice. my sincere apologies to those who i’ve wronged and for all the mishaps i’ve caused. sorry if i couldn’t be perfect and great at many times, but i tell you i thought those were enough.. and also, thank you for the trials and pain. those made me stronger and wiser, i suppose. (:

for 2013, let us look forward for an awesome year. i am no fortune teller but i feel that something spectacular is boiling in this new year. careful not to touch it ahead of time but when it’s ready, we’ll all be glad and surprised.

for the 364 more days of 2013, love and peace to everyone. let us make this year a far better one. and healthier, too. Lord God, thank you for everything. please bless us, always.

welcome 2013! cheers! 😉