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bike for Pencils

April 19, 2014

everybody has the right to go to school and learn, but not everybody is receiving proper and sustainable education.

if you have read my entry on november first last year, it was about a 5-day (but amazingly became 4-day) ride for a cause. dubbed as dos kada kilometro para sa klasrum ng pag-asa. northern trails: manila to pagudpud, the group of bikers was successful in their goal to pedal 557 kilometers to help build classrooms. click the link education for everyJuan for you to see.

now, another project is again taking place for the sake of education.

bike for pencils

bike for pencils. as read in their post, Bike for Pencils Project is a cause-oriented initiative of Edicute Incorporated in cooperation with Tiklop Society of the Philippines, Tayabas Cycling Association, and Ligao Amateur Cycling Association.Twenty (21) volunteer bikers will be cycling for a cause from Manila (via Antipolo) to Matnog, Sorsogon on 16-20 April 2014 and will cover more than 500 kilometers as follows:

Manila to Lucena: 111 kms (16 April)
Lucena to Calauag: 111 kms (17 April)
Calauag to Naga: 132 kms (18 April)
Naga to Legaspi: 92 kms (19 April)
Legaspi to Matnog: 116 kms (20 April)

*562 kms in 5 days

to know all the details, visit their facebook profile here. there you can also follow the whereabouts of the brave volunteer bikers and the latest updates and even photos of their extraordinary journey. amazing isnt it? these cyclists get to do their hobby but at the same time, they are doing it for a cause. not everybody does that, or has the chance to do that kind of thing. honestly, im in awe to these people.

if in case you imagine and realize this seemingly impossible and impractical project ;), there are couples of ways on how to pledge for this advocacy. click this for more details and for the steps.

bike for pencils 1

bike for pencils 2

bike for pencils 3

[photos by rj taganas, one of the bikers]

once more, not only as Filipinos but as a part of humanity, let as be one and do our share in upholding the value of education, especially to the indigenous people who dont experience a normal education. if you are reading this, then maybe it’s a sign that you are one of the fortunate people who can  give and share whatever you can. let us help reduce illiteracy rate. let us promote quality and sustainable education to everyone. also, let us pray for the safety and success of this advocacy ride. the bikers still have two days to reach their goal.

#bikeforpencils #yestoeducation


united as One

November 16, 2013

a week ago, super typhoon yolanda, with the international name haiyan, hit our country, philippines. it is said to be the strongest typhoon in the history of the country, or even of the world.

(i am not really sure of what to write here. i thought of doing this couples of days ago but i was not certain of what to say, not to mention the time constraint. perhaps im afraid i might sound different when all i really want is to help uplift the spirit of everyone. i often become too emotional, you know.) watching the news and videos, seeing the devastation, reading heart-breaking articles, looking at surreal-like aftermath photos  from the affected areas give me goosebumps, swollen eyes, and mixed emotions. it is hard for me to absorb what i see. some questions also pop in my mind like: what would i do if my family and i lived in the affected areas? where would we stay when our home was washed away by the storm? would i still be sane if i survived the tragedy and my loved ones didnt? how would i move on if everything i had is nothing? or should i ask, would i even still want to live?

please dont get me wrong. these are only the thoughts of a random soul, wondering and reflecting on what is happening around. one recognizable thing that i see is that the resiliency of the Filipino spirit will always come through. forget about pointing fingers. forget about selfish acts. forget about the different beliefs. cease the misunderstandings. what we need now is unity, courage, and faith that we will all pass this through. old, young, men, women, children, professionals, students, black, white, everybody can do something to help. even a small act counts. it is truly uplifting seeing all the nations in the world, extending aid to our country. i know i am no one but let me say, in behalf of the Filipino people, from the bottom of our heart, thank you.

i believe, through our trust and faith in God, with His guidance and incessant love, everything will flow smoothly again..even better.

the following images are not mine but i want to share them with you. credits to the owners.

calamity-proof filipino



japanese children, one with the Filipinos

Sendai students, one with the Filipinos

smiles and hope

smiles and hope


i am a Filipino

united as one

there are many ways to help. you can visit im not connected with them but i rely to them for fresh and reliable updates and useful information.

i also want to share this link, showing inspirational stories that could ‘restore your faith in humanity’ and Filipinos. read also the comments for more ‘yolanda’ inspirational stories. p.s., prepare your hankies 😉

p.s. p.s.

here’s not forgetting the other issues, corruption et al. read this, Pope Francis: corrupt should be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea. hello, napoles and company.

God bless everyone.


education for everyJuan

November 1, 2013
education is for all

education is for all

day 2 of this advocacy bike ride has just successfully ended. from manila, the bikers are now in tagudin, ilocos sur. wohw! and they have pedaled a total of 333 kilometers just within two days. another woohw!! 224 kilometers left and they will soon finish the ride. (i am not pretty sure if my figures are accurate though) their passion in biking and their desire to lend a hand (or legs? ;)) are truly astonishing.

this inspiring group is determined in doing this to raise funds to help build more “klasrums ng pag-asa” and to boost awareness on the importance of education. yes, biking is fun. many are fond of it, but biking for a cause (not to mention  557 kms, rain or shine) is another topic. even typhoons cannot stop these people in meeting their goal.

if you are an education advocate and you admire and see this group’s passion uplifting, you can support them by giving pledges.

your pledge can make a difference

your pledge can make a difference

visit, like, and you can also share their facebook page for more details about this advocacy ride and for real-time updates and photos:

for more information about klasrums ng pag-asa, click the link below:

education is unlimited. it is for everyone.

share & be aware.

let us  be one in making a difference.



so much more to visit in the Phils!

October 6, 2010

my lakbayan grade is D. aww. i know it’s embarrassing but i got to admit, i have so much much much more great & wonderful places to explore in my naturally rich country. yes i pray to fly and experience other countries, especially the european ones, but i’d also want to explore my own.

i believe one day i’ll be able to have a tour around the philippines. once i have the chance, time, money.

i hope to update my lakbayan grade once in a while. (;

My Lakbayan grade is D!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

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