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if you’re a teacher, you might relate

October 29, 2014

is it really me or am i just being paranoid?

seeing your students expressing disappointment or worse, confusion and loathe because of the grade they got in your subject, is something you dont want to experience as a teacher.

not once, but twice. it’s time for getting grades and two of my students posted a picture of their grades from the previous semester. on the list, both of them got lowest on my subject, english101. then as i read the comments, as expected, people see the negative.

at first, my conscience bothers me. i muse on my standards, review my policies in class. no, i didnt set a high standard. then i open my file and scan the grades. well, i guess im really affected. true, most of the grades range between average and below average, though some are high, not to mention those failing grades. what’s my point? did you pass all the quizzes? were you even able to take all? did you actively participate in class discussions or you kept talking with your seatmate? perhaps, sleeping or daydreaming? did you do your homeworks and seatworks? were you always present in class or you were the one who often enters the room in the middle of the session? what was your grade in the preliminary, midterm, and final exams? did you pass even one of them?

what i want to say is simple: YOU are the one who makes your grade. react accordingly.

i am not angry. sorry if i sound like it. it is just that i would like to express my thoughts and feelings on this matter and i want to leave a reminder, though i know they wont be able to read this. still, i love teaching and i love my students.



as much as i want to reiterate that these “numbers” dont define you as a person, but as students, make it one of your goals to achieve above average grades. it is not only for you, it’s for your parents/family as well. whatever, wherever, always strive to be better 😉


The Professor

June 26, 2008

Once there was a passionate professor who taught love and life as his subject. One season he had a beautiful, smart student. Prior to his notice, the professor became excited whenever his class with that student would start. He was really amazed how clever that beautiful student appealed to him -she knew how to solve problems, she knew how to make friends with everyone, and she’s really a smart girl. Day by day, the professor got more stunned and inspired by his student. Until one day, he told himself that this student would be the best student he could ever have, and that no other student could replace her.

After four years, the student graduated. The professor was depressed thinking that he would miss his favorite student and that he would never be able to see her again. He started a new phase in his teaching career, trying to forget his past student. He met new sets of students, and to his amazement, one student caught his attention. This student is simple, but she’s also smart and beautiful. The professor started to watch her every day as he also started catching himself smiling, at the thought of this new student. But at times, he would remember his past student and his belief that no one could ever replace her. He was confused, but then he told himself that maybe it was time to let go of his past student.

The professor started a new life, free from the memories of his past student, filled with fresh moments with his new student. He pushed himself to learn to appreciate and be inspired by this wonderful student. Her simplicity reflects the beauty in her. The professor would always see her smiling, but no one knew that within her heart is pain and longing. The professor was happy thinking that at last, this new student got to heal and patch up the longing his past student had left him. Until one night, he dreamed of his past student, which made him remember all his cherished thoughts of her. He didn’t know what to do. He was confused once again, fighting his memories of the past with the present.

One day, after all the confusions and hard thinkings, he made a decision. He realized that at the back of his happy thoughts with his new student, still those are not enough to cover, conceal, and hide his feelings for his past student. He realized that behind his effort of forgetting the past, still it was the thing that filled his mind, and his heart. He realized that what he told himself was true, and maybe would not be altered forever, that no one, not a single student, even the one he thought who could do, could ever ever replace the place of his best, past student.

“You can’t discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -anonymous