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choo! chOoo! and so it goes…

July 19, 2011

credits for wikipedia the free encyclopedia for the photo.

we were thinking how would we celebrate his birthday  three weeks from now. i told him i like it to be simple yet unique; something that we have never done before. then trying the pnr (philippine national railways) route to bicol popped in my mind. the time it was rehabilitated and refurbished sometime last year(?) i’m not sure, we already dreamed of riding it. and now that it has opened its way from manila to bicol, we really want to experience that ride.

perhaps riding the express rail route is not a problem per se,  it’s where almost the whole percentage of fun goes to, but the problem is, where to stay, where to go the time we reach naga. we have no idea. haha. now it’s time to ask around and google possible places.

whatever happens, i hope this rail experience pushes through, even if we just go back to manila right after stepping on naga station. brilliant!