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October 24, 2010

What do u like to be called?
kit, beautiful (ha ha)
ADMIT a secret about this name?
it’s just the reality ;p

Do you have a job/ career?
i’m an audio engineer
ADMIT a secret about your career:
it’s something i didn’t dream of becoming

Do you love yourself?
yes. sometimes not totally :p
ADMIT a physical attribute you LOVE and HATE about yourself:
i love my nose, i kinda don’t like my hair and skin. hair’s so stubborn, skin’s so sensitive =s

Do u have any regrets?
can’t think of any as of the moment
ADMIT one thing you regret doing in the past:

Are u in love?
so much
ADMIT what brought on these thought:

Do u feel any jealousy or envy toward anyone?
i used to. now i call it stupidity
ADMIT what makes you feel this way?
sometimes we become envious of someone because of the attention they get from the people you love

Do you ever feel less than beautiful?
at times when my messy hair reigns =s
ADMIT why you feel this way?
try my hair on then tell me if you’ll feel beautiful 24/7

Have you ever been hurt?
ADMIT who hurt u:
mostly those you love who never intended to hurt you yet eventually did hurt the most. right?

Ever pretended to be someone’s friend for your own benefit?
can’t remember
ADMIT the truth about why you did it:
i dunno

Ever lied to spare someone’s feelings?
yes. same reason to several people
ADMIT the truth about the lie you told:
that they look good though it’s just 10-20% true

Ever suffered from a broken heart?
oh yes
ADMIT who broke your heart and what he/she did:
let’s not talk about it. i’m happy now (:

Ever cheated on someone?
ADMIT the truth on why you cheated:
thought of it before though

Ever told anyone you loved them and didn’t mean it?
ADMIT the truth about why you lied?
i wanted him to feel good so i told him i love him. i realized then that i wasn’t sure of my feelings and i told him the truth. eventually i learned to love him, we lasted for almost 3 years but then he had another girl. cool eh! ha ha

Ever been in jail?
jailed in love
ADMIT the truth on why you were locked up:
love is so captivating

Ever steal music?
uhmm, yep :p
ADMIT what website you steal music from:
several websites

Do you click ads when on a website?
ADMIT what types of ad’s you click on:
i hate them!

Do you watch reality tv?
ADMIT the most embarrassing shows you watch:
nothing embarrassing

Are you happy in your career?
sure but not so. (vague)
ADMIT what you know you should be doing with your life:
enjoying being a wife of my toksi 😀