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miscellaneous loveah flow

December 2, 2008

it just feels good

thinking of you

of the times we spent

missing you

as if we havent seen each other for 10 years

my heart jumps

i suddenly flash a smile

it feels so alright, you know

and i thank you for these things




you turned happiness into joy

love and loved

dreaming the future with you depicts a wonderful image

no doubt

this woman wants to grow old with you

and be with you until the stars reach her hands

you dont need to say you will stay forever

just be with me today

then we will fade as the wind blows away

the stars know how much you mean to me

as well as the ceiling

the bed

and the huggable pillow that you gave me

i love you from the botttom of the veins and capillaries of my heart

and even if you tell me you hate me

it wont matter

because i know you are just dreaming

talking to an odd stranger

i do not trash the times you let me fly

because it just made me strong and hard to destroy

i wont say goodbye

just good nighttree of therese