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December 10, 2015

three more blows and my whole nose will peel off my face. literally!

it hurts, you know. if only i could spend the two remaining weekdays in bed, that would surely lessen the pain. yeah, this is just me ranting off this colds. hopefully this wont develop into a massive sickness like the last time. i dont want to be sick. nobody wants to. more fruits and water, please.

so, i was so excited from my last post and whats new? left you hanging again. no updates, no grand stories to tell on how the trip went. and i am telling you now, it is not going to be this one. sorry. but to summarize the travel, it was totally a highlight in my life. life is beautiful, indeed.


love at first sight


friday the 13th is Love

November 6, 2015

i dont want to get too excited but i am. oh my banff! wait for me. unlucky us though because the gondola to sulphur mountain is under renovation until summer next year. hmmn, gives me a reason to go back. after almost a year, this will be my first travel outside mb, first looong drive in canada, approximately 15 hours. wuhoo! at last, i will see mountains again. wow, the thought of it gives me chill (not because it’s 2 degrees now 😛 ) what more when i see them with my own eyes @.@ and i cant wait to listen to jason mraz with the canadian rockies in 360 view, sun rising and setting. oh em, imagine my imagination. it’s driving me crazy (er)! i dont know but it’s really the mountains that thrill me, not the main reason of our travel (though it will bring me to farther sides of this continent)

stop. save the anticipation until next week 😀

p.s. i miss sunshine. the whole week has been gloomy and wet cold. i hope to see you tomorrow, mr. sun (:


change of plans

December 30, 2012

“can we do it?” “let’s go!”

five days before letting go of 2012, my best friend and i agreed to have time for ourselves.

actually she was already asking me weeks before if i like to go with her to manaoag, pangasinan. she said she really wants to visit the manaoag church, but that time i was quite not in the mood. a week had passed and while we were chatting over frappes and pasta in a local coffee shop, the idea of going to manaoag was brought up again. the sun was setting then (though it wasn’t in our view) and after two seconds of contemplating, i accepted her invitation (yes, i’m easy to deal with.. at times. hee). besides from accompanying her, i thought i needed to unwind and it was quite some time since my last out-of-town travel.

we stayed in the coffee shop for some more minutes while we discussed and planned how we’d do it. we were so excited since both of us haven’t been in pangasinan. we agreed on what time to depart, what food to bring (just like kids having a field trip), and what other things to pack. we even thought of staying for a night there but decided to just have a day tour. to make it short, we bought some snacks in the supermarket, called it a night (not to mention the heart-pounding, impromptu asking of permission to our folks that night.. good thing we’re old enough to have our ways. eheh).

i set my alarm 3:00 am but it was of no use. i hugged my pillows at 2 am after checking more exam papers of my students (you know, pedagogy thing). i have some misunderstandings with sleep lately, it is so elusive these holidays. so i hardly slept for i think no more than twenty five minutes, though i already dreamed , i suppose. i was awakened by my bff’s text quarter to three, telling me to get up. sheeesh, yeah right. i couldn’t sleep more so i got up, had a shower, prepped myself up.

[i told myself to have this as short as possible but that is a big bunch of introduction. anyway…]

we arrived at the bus terminal around 5:30 in the morning. we got in the bus dagupan-manaoag bound 1/4 full and good thing we didn’t wait for it to be full of passengers.

6am, start of the journey. jen and i were giggling because of excitement. she isn’t really a travel person so technically i was the person-in-charge. as i told her, when i was little i used to hate traveling because it made me sick. but now, oh how i love traveling and i didn’t think i could go on my own and that other people could depend on me on this thing.

halfway there? nah..

halfway there? nah..

we knew it would be a five to six hour-travel but it seemed it was longer. or was it just over excitement? maybe. ha.ha. from the early morning show on t.v., songs on the radio, then tagalized pirated movies (recorded directly from tv5), the cookies and chips we ate, we waited with all our might. oh wait, how can i forget the baby in front of our seats who cried, like the world was ending, the whole time since we entered pangasinan proper. i tell you, that baby can be a belter when he grows up. it was my first time to hear a baby cry that friggin way. jen said the baby might be sick. hope he’s now in good condition. anyway, an hour before 12 noon, we reached the town of manaoag. finally.


as the driver’s assistant called out “manaoag,” men, women, children, seniors, families, couples -almost everybody in the bus got up. we were all heading to the same place, Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine. and just a few steps away, there it is.


my bff and i were so happy we reached the place. 11:30 am we entered the church and as expected, a flock of people, i think all are tourists like us, were sitting and standing inside. we thought we missed the last morning mass which starts at 11am but just a few minutes later, the lector stood in front and the mass began. hurray we were just in time!

the mass lasted for about thirty five minutes. without a choir, it would really end up less than an hour. though everything went well, the homily was nice and inspiring, you can say that the people there are very used in their everyday routine. as my colleague said, masses start at 5am and the last is the 11am mass. after the Eucharistic celebration, people gathered in front. at first jen and i wondered why but then we realized it was for the final blessing with holy water. wanting to be blessed, we joined the pile of people in front.

visiting the church was fulfilling. hearing the mass there was inspiring. praying there was uplifting.

this image is the story of Manaoag

after the mass we roamed around the church. there is a garden where you can somehow meditate and have your silent hour. we went in the praying area where you can light up candles for your prayers. we bought candles. i had three and jen had four and a set of those colorful prosperity candles.



my prayer candles go to the people closest to my heart



sometimes i still wonder how God manages to hear all our prayers, from the little ones to the enormous wishes our hearts hope and pray for. just imagine how many billions of people pray each day, hour, minute, second. truly God is a workaholic. He takes no rest. and that’s only dealing with our never-ending prayers. how about the planning and fulfilling part of our lives? the forgiving of sins? the redirecting of crooked souls and all else He’s doing for us? you really can’t imagine how powerful and magnificent He is. Lord, you rock! (:



with the intercession of our lady of manaoag, i prayed for everything nice (of course, err). i offered all my worries, frustrations, hurt, pain, grudges, anger if there is any, and all the negatives in my self. of course all the joy and happiness went with my prayers as well. if you will ask me what i want for 2013, simple. true happiness and contentment. and that goes not only for me but for the people around me. i pray for us to finally find whatever our heart truly desires. we may not realize it now, but i believe one day it will come and flaunt itself and we’ll just be sooo happy to fulfill it. aahhh, what a perfect day it would be… and if everybody is happy and content, i bet our world will be much more exciting to live in. naturally it won’t still be perfect, but less crimes, less worries, less pain, less heartaches, less of the negative things. i see trees of green, red roses too, i see them bloom for me and you… what a wonderful world.

as we were done offering our prayers, we wandered a little more in the area. we went in the souvenir store. looked around. jen bought calendars and a beautiful, artistic figurine of the Holy family. then it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon and we still haven’t had our lunch. so we said farewell to the parish and looked for a place to eat.

having our last glimpse to Our Lady of Manaoag Parish

having our last glimpse: Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag

my bff's souvenir shot of the church

my bff’s souvenir shot of the church

unfortunately, we didn’t see any local restaurant around the area. we asked a vendor outside the church for a place to eat but she said there are only a couple of fast food chains there. so guess what. having no car, chasing time, nursing grumpy bellies, we were left with one choice. we had fast food. nonetheless, it was hunger-fulfilling. though we really wanted to taste local dishes of the place. next time, perhaps.

we finished eating half an hour before three. jen wanted to walk some more but i told her it might be too late and traffic was on our way. so we went to the loading area of buses. as we approached the first bus in line, we were surprised that it was the same bus that we had going there. talk about serendipity, eh? haha. even the driver and his assistant were surprised and we all just laughed as jen and i climbed up the vehicle.

the bus left at 3 pm. while on our way home, jen and i were reminiscing our adventure that day. we had a lot of fun and we were carrying so much hope and happiness in our hearts. she thanked me for going with her and making it possible to fulfill one of her plans before the year ends. she said if not because of me, 2013 will come and she still would have not visited the place. in return, i was thankful to her because i had time to relax, unwind, and get some new and fresh air. for me it was a time for my self, and a time for our friendship. i’m happy for having her as my best friend, really.

going home with happy hearts

going home with our ^____^


life is beautiful

life is beautiful

i missed traveling. as i have said it’s been a while since the last time i went out of town. it might be with someone else but traveling alone or with somebody, it’s still traveling. i just missed the act of it. i think my body will not tire longing for it. by the way, who doesn’t like traveling?


we were warned by the driver to expect traffic ahead, just like in the morning going there, because of the road constructions. alright sir, let’s get it on! so again, six hours, of course with stopovers. what i don’t get until now is the fact that, yes i knew the average hour of our arrival in manila but why did i act as if i was oblivious of that fact?

of all the road signs i attempted to capture, i only had this one clear

of all the road signs i attempted to capture, i only had this one clear

as we were approaching and entered SCTEX or NLEX, i don’t know which, how many times have i thought that we were near? maybe five times? i thought we were already in bulacan but no, we were still in pampanga. that made me realize how far pangasinan is, and how huge pampanga is. ha. ha. seriously.

came 9pm, we we were back in the city. just as what was expected. Lord thank you for getting us safe and sound back home.

as jen and i parted ways, we both had a smile on our face. mine was for the fun and great day we/i had. it was relaxing. it was liberating. as we said, it won’t be our last travel adventure together. definitely, there will be more.

i am happy that i let all the negative molecules in my body be left there. i’m hoping that not a single of those had secretly attached itself to me  and will grow new ones or even attract the others to come back. i want to welcome the new year with a head-banging positivity. let us leave all the sorrows and pains of 2012 and embrace all the good things in 2013. yes we cannot tell what’s ahead of us but we can do our share and have it the way we want, pleasing the One who we owe our lives to.

“all is well.”


originally i had set in my mind that i would go on my own to my ‘second home’ that day, 27 dec. but as they say, things change, just like plans. i still plan to have one more me time/travel before classes resume on the third day of next year. want to come? (:


choo! chOoo! and so it goes…

July 19, 2011

credits for wikipedia the free encyclopedia for the photo.

we were thinking how would we celebrate his birthday  three weeks from now. i told him i like it to be simple yet unique; something that we have never done before. then trying the pnr (philippine national railways) route to bicol popped in my mind. the time it was rehabilitated and refurbished sometime last year(?) i’m not sure, we already dreamed of riding it. and now that it has opened its way from manila to bicol, we really want to experience that ride.

perhaps riding the express rail route is not a problem per se,  it’s where almost the whole percentage of fun goes to, but the problem is, where to stay, where to go the time we reach naga. we have no idea. haha. now it’s time to ask around and google possible places.

whatever happens, i hope this rail experience pushes through, even if we just go back to manila right after stepping on naga station. brilliant!



April 26, 2011

here i come batanes!!!

oops, just practicing. 😛 but today i am declaring, before i die, i should have gone to batanes. photos taken from there are breathtaking, i just couldn’t imagine how much more if i’m actually on that amazing island.


i don’t care whether air or water will bring me there, batanes wait for me. (but air, please? ‘coz i am kind of scared traveling via sea) 😀